Dawn Fung

Groups : Build a winning team culture

A winning team culture naturally develops leadership. 

I will teach you to set a team culture customised to your small groups, communities, organisations or businesses. There are no expensive personality tests nor awkward programs to artificially bond people. My methods are common sense approaches that are easily replicable once you learn them. 

Individual : Design your own learning pathway.

I will teach you how to create a personalised education to actualise yourself. My method is clear, easy to understand, scalable to the individual, whether adult, teen or child.

Because I am interested in your success, I will be mentoring you personally and celebrating milestones together!

Testimonials from educators and homeschoolers


What you want to know upfront

You can choose from either a package or customised model. Click to find out more about each consultation area above.

I have been mentoring teams and individuals for two decades now. My background and current practice in education and the arts create a winning formula for understanding people and how to actualise their potential in visionary ways. Read the testimonials above or check my portfolio on the home page. My work speaks for itself.

No. Anyone can get in touch with me about building a winning team culture or personalising an education. But I have strong views on certain shortcomings in our local work and education system. I will be upfront with you what these are and let you independently adapt the information to how it best suits your goals.

It is so easy to lie about achievements, or slap commercial logos on a website. But that is not me. I like reviews that can be traced and verified by people in the know. The homeschooling community in Singapore recommends services that they know to be helpful, useful and good. I am grateful to be at the receiving end of positive, unpretentious reviews.