These are the ways I advocate and initiate education reform: I offer classes, run community projects, speak, consult and write. The manner in which I do reflect my desire to see grounds up change, and education that is centred around people care. Like I mentioned in my home page, the process of great education is slow, careful, useful, beautiful.

My work is slow and steady. I believe the quality of my work will speak for itself – what my students, fellow parents and clients say about me will attest to my character and skills as educator and leader.

If there is space in my classes, or if I feel connected to you (in a way that will directly lead to a beneficial, educational outcome for your family), then I will consider you or your children’s participation in my projects. With education reform, I don’t look at what you can or cannot afford. I observe how you communicate to me and whether our values about education have common ground. Life is too short to do everything. I would like to focus on only people whom I am able to work with, and who will value me. The value I give you in my projects will always out give your contribution to me. So I am very selective about the families I allow myself to be close with. You have to at least show respect and commitment.

I don’t believe in false advertising. There is no click bait, no hidden information about fees or contracts that will later cause misunderstandings. In my line of work, you might be attracted to what I do, and will like to be part of it for a season. Or you may not want to be associated with me because my views about MOE and education may seem radical. It does not matter whether you like or do not like me. As long as you know yourself, and you do not play mind games. I like people who speak clearly and bravely from their hearts, and I will do the same for you.


I offer these classes (except for History Roundtable) as part of Little U. The fees are indicative of charge per pax if it is not hosted by Little U or if there is space.

There are no grades and no assessments. I always work with what you give me and I will customise the learning accordingly. You will see the work unfold towards the end. In the middle, there will be bumps. But I guarantee growth, learning in an unconventional manner, and delight, interest-driven work that comes from the heart of the learner.

Objective : Teaching children to teach
Age : tweens, 9-12yo
Duration : 4 session cycle. 1-2 hours per session.
End of Cycle Outcome : 1 Module Per Individual
Intensity for the student : Low-Moderate
Fees : $120/pax

Objective : An introduction to English linguistics through animals!
Age : 5-12yo
Duration : 8 session cycle. 1- 1.5 hours per session.
End of Cycle Outcome : 1 Class Installation
Intensity for the student : Low-Moderate
Fees : $120/pax

Objective : Critical thinking through history and writing
Age : Teens
Duration : 6 week cycle. 2-3 hours per session.
End of Cycle Outcome : 1 Essay Per Individual
Intensity for the student : Moderate to High
Fees : $240/pax

I mentioned my lessons on Media, The Marxist Conspiracy 1987 here.
You can view the publications of the History Roundtable students here.

Objective : A self-expression platform for young people
Age : Teens and young adults
Duration : 4 session cycle. 2-3 hours per session.
Intensity for the student : Moderate-High
End of Cycle Outcome : 1 Public Performance (individual or grouped)
Fees : $180/pax

Teen Group @ Little U
Objectives : Development of a personal project each semester, and event run the Guest Speaker Series at Little U.
Age : Teens and young adults
Duration : 8 sessions per semester, fortnightly. 3 hours per session.
Intensity for the student : High.
End of Semester Outcome : Self-direct a personal project, work in a team for the Guest Speaker Series at Little U.
Fess : $500/pax

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