Dawn Fung founded Homeschool Singapore. She was one of the key leaders in the Singapore homeschooling landscape in the early 2010s-2020s. She has spoken at various international events. She believes that education reform begins in the family and every child should have every right to great education. She runs two companies, ParentED International and Little U, focusing on personalising care for parenting, teaching and children’s education for all. She provides consultation to individuals and companies on human resource development with a unique unschooling/homeschooling approach. Dawn Fung homeschools her three children and is based in Singapore.

Life Work

“My dream is to see education reform in Singapore, where every child, parent and educator have full rights and access to great education. Great education is centred around people care. Learning and teaching are customised to the individual who is an involved collaborator of that process. The process of great education is slow, careful, useful, beautiful. Like a skilled craftsman at work, great education brings forth wisdom, the highest form of lifelong learning. It leaves no person behind. It is ever mindful of a journey that takes patience, courage and love to develop. 

These are the ways I advocate and initiate education reform: I teach and I offer consultation. Teaching and consultation are huge umbrellas that overlap. I see these two practices organised around mentoring, coaching, instructing, creating. I work with people of all ages – parents and their children from preschoolers to adults. My desire is to see individuals grow in their potential and in the direction of their gifting. My approaches include building from the ground up communities who take the vision of great education seriously, and creating content – books, events, projects, writings – that reflect my passion.”


Little U (registered 2021)
ParentED International (registered 2021)


2023 – The Future of Parenting Summit
2022 – Homeschool Convention 2022 – Asia Edition
2021 – The C.E. Talk (July 10)
2021 – Quality Learning Conference, Taiwan (June 18-20)
2021 – Homeschool Convention, Singapore (April 9)
2020 – Homeschooling Conference (July 13-19)
2020 – CONNECT Homeschooling and Intentional Parenting Summit (July 3-5)
2020 – Homeschool Global Summit (June 29- July 8)
2019 – Philippine Homeschool Convention
2019 – Homeschool Global Summit
2017 – Homeschool Convention, Singapore


2021 – present – ParentED.sg (Co-Founder)
2021 – 2022 – Homeschool Alumni Start Up Team
2020 – 2022 – The Socially Awkward Podcast
2018 – present – Little U (Founder)
2013 – 2021 – HomeschoolSingapore.sg (Founder, Organiser)


2022 – Homeschool Convention 2022 – ASIA EDITION (under the Homeschool Alumni SG)
2021, Dec 1 – ParentED.sg Festival 2021
2020 – Homeschool E-Convention, Singapore (with Mark Lim)
2019 – Homeschool Convention, Singapore
2018 – Homeschool Convention, Singapore
2017 – Homeschool Convention, Singapore


2018 – present – Little U (preschool, primary, teens, tertiary, families)
2013 – present – co-ops

2022 – 100 Days of Wisdom
2021 – Homeschooling in Singapore: An Education (book published by Word Image)
2020 – Parenting The Heart (campaign creation, direction, editing)
2019 – Irrevocable Gifts (book published by The Group)


2023, Jan 20 – “Moving through Reimagining Education with Dawn Fung” by Andreea Gatman for Kubrio
2021, Jul 20 – “Eschewing mainstream educational environments for homeschooling” by Jia Xin Gan for The Home Ground Asia
2021, Jan 11 – With Nicole, Noreen, Nicole, Zul, Pris, Jaylee for their Year 2 Mass Communication, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
2020, Oct 20 – With Jenni Ho-Huan for The Cathedral Podcast
2020, Sep 9 – With Aaron Ng for Focus on the Family’s ParentED Podcast
2020, Jul 2 – With Jenni Ho-Huan for the Cathedral Podcast (written version)
2020, Apr 23 – With Amelia Teng for The Straits Times (full transcript)
2020, Mar 29 – With Venessa Lee for The Straits Times (full transcript)
2019, Oct 21 – With Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza for Metro.Style (full transcript)
2019, Oct 4 – “Step Inside a Homeschool Home“ by The Homeschool Gazette
2018, Sep 26 – With Claudia Jardin for BBC Brasil (full transcript)
2016, Oct 30 – “When School is Right At Home” by Venessa Lee for ST Life
2014, Sep 7 – “Zoo lessons for kids taught at home” by Amelia Teng for ST


2020 – Blood & Iron (live performance only)
2013 – Family Song (Chinese)
2013 – The Last Morning (re-release on cassette)
2013 – In the Evening Sun
2009 – The Last Morning

Featured in
2016, Jul 3 – Creative Christians “Arts and Faith: Dawn Fung
2016, Jun 10 – Ziknation “Dawn Fung – Strange Fire // Live Session Voyage
2016, Jan 1 – Mackerel “Dawn Fung: Simple Beginnings




Interview with Andreea Gatman

In this episode of "Moving through Reimagining education with children, parents, and facilitators from Kubrio" we meet Dawn Fung. In my opinion, this episode is about freedom as learning, it is about learning as LIFE, and as adults dreaming a better way.
Andreea Gatman
Founder, ActOnLearning