Dawn Fung


Dawn Fung founded Homeschool Singapore. She was one of the key leaders in the Singapore homeschooling landscape in the early 2010s-2020s. She has spoken at various international events. She believes that education reform begins in the family and every child should have every right to great education. She runs two companies, ParentED International and Little U, focusing on personalising care for parenting, teaching and children’s education for all. She provides consultation to individuals and companies on human resource development with a unique unschooling/homeschooling approach. Dawn Fung homeschools her three children and is based in Singapore.


My dream is to see education reform in Singapore, where every child, parent and educator have full rights and access to great education. Great education is centred around people care. Learning and teaching are customised to the individual who is an involved collaborator of that process. The process of great education is slow, careful, useful, beautiful. Like a skilled craftsman at work, great education brings forth wisdom, the highest form of lifelong learning. It leaves no person behind. It is ever mindful of a journey that takes patience, courage and love to develop. 

These are the ways I advocate and initiate education reform: I teach and I offer consultation. Teaching and consultation are huge umbrellas that overlap. I see these two practices organised around mentoring, coaching, instructing, creating. I work with people of all ages – parents and their children from preschoolers to adults. My desire is to see individuals grow in their potential and in the direction of their gifting. My approaches include building from the ground up communities who take the vision of great education seriously, and creating content – books, events, projects, writings – that reflect my passion.


The manner in which I teach reflect my desire to see from the ground up change, a education that is centred around people care. Like I mentioned, the process of great education is slow, careful, useful, beautiful. My work is slow and steady. I believe the quality of my work will speak for itself – what my students, fellow parents and clients say about me will attest to my character and skills as educator and leader.

If there is space in my classes, or if I feel connected to you (in a way that will directly lead to a beneficial, educational outcome for your family), then I will consider you or your children’s participation in my projects. With education reform, I don’t look at what you can or cannot afford. I observe how you communicate to me and whether our values about education have common ground. Life is too short to do everything. I would like to focus on only people whom I am able to work with, and who will value me. The value I give you in my projects will always out give your contribution to me. So I am very selective about the families I allow myself to be close with. You have to at least show respect and commitment.

I don’t believe in false advertising. There is no click bait, no hidden information about fees or contracts that will later cause misunderstandings. In my line of work, you might be attracted to what I do, and will like to be part of it for a season. Or you may not want to be associated with me because my views about MOE and education may seem radical. It does not matter whether you like or do not like me as long as you know yourself, and you do not play mind games with me. I like people who speak clearly and bravely from their hearts, and I will do the same for you.

I always work with what you give me and I will customise the learning accordingly. You will see the work unfold towards the end. In the middle, there will be bumps. But I guarantee growth, learning in an unconventional manner, and delight, interest-driven work that comes from the heart of the learner.

Where I Teach

I only teach under Little U and ParentED International. You may check out the website or email the teams for more queries.


I offer advice on these issues: Self-directed learning, creating your own personalised education program, unschooling, community building, homeschooling in Singapore.

I am not interested in PSLE, or mainstream school traditions. I will not take your case if you are looking to balance the MOE syllabus. I use MOE syllabus for my kids but I do not spend a lot of time or thought into it, because I find it inadequate and unsatisfying for a child’s holistic growth. My desire is to work with any parent, child or educator interested in deep, apprenticed based teaching and learning. (I recommend homeschooling consultants whom I personally know, who can advise you on prescribed curriculum approaches.)

Come to me if you are interested in thinking outside the mainstream practices for education. For locals, homeschooling is currently the only alternative form of education available. For expats, there are various approaches set up by companies as schools in Singapore – those who choose homeschooling likely want the benefits of what homeschooling offer, or are limited by resources. I will help you think through the finer points of how you want to approach learning (whether for one person, your child, or your family, or you yourself as a parent-educator).


During our consultation session, I will advise you in an orderly manner. We will start with the big picture in mind, and trace through history, politics, and any connections that will help you make sense of what you want to know. I will give you practical strategies for your situation.

If I sense a need to work with you more closely after the consultation – whether for the sake of your children, or to help you grow – I will propose an idea, event or work within my existing homeschooling activities.

People who value my advice, and have worked with me have grown in confidence in their homeschooling journey. Many have become leaders in the homeschooling community in Singapore.

I don’t give my time to just anyone. I choose who I want to teach, mentor and advise. I will not waste your time when I advise you on your situation. I will make sure you get results, and a clear plan of action. What I cannot resolve are marital conflicts and underlying psychological related disorders. I am not a counselor nor a doctor. My consultation work is solely in education with regards to homeschooling. (See my portfolio below)


Online : SGD $150/hour.
In person : SGD $200/hour.

For consultation, fill in this contact form with a clear explanation of who you are, what you are looking for, and how you want me to help.